Tell Me About “Liz Tells Frank”!

Liz Tells Frank is a blog!

It lives here and also on:

  • Facebook (where Liz terrorizes friends into joining her for viewing sessions polls fans on what Frank should be told about next)
  • Twitter (where Liz chatters about the next installment whilst watching/reading it)
  • Tumblr (where Liz posts interesting links and commentary relating to past, present and future installments)

That’s a sweet-ass banner image you got going on up top!

I know, right? It was designed by the awesome Asa Shumskas-Tait!

But seriously, I mean, what’s the story here?

Liz and Frank, two writers living in Los Angeles, have been friends for many, many years. But the Liz Tells Frank fracas didn’t get started until 2005, when a little show called Bones was just beginning its first season: Liz and Frank watched the pilot together, and while they both found the show amusing, Frank wasn’t sure he wanted to continue watching it. “Liz, do you think you could just TELL me what happens every week?” he said.

And so Liz started writing lengthy letters to Frank about what happened on each week’s episode of Bones. Because Bones did not lend itself to being taken seriously, Liz’s retellings were often snarky and full of omissions whenever Liz didn’t actually care what was happening on screen. This quickly became the Liz Tells Frank house style.

Liz lost interest in Bones halfway through season 1, but it turns out that there are a LOT of other things Frank doesn’t know about. So now, here we are.

So far, all of the planned Liz Tells Frank topics are officially things that Frank hasn’t seen or read and does actually want to know about. He also tells Liz about stuff from time to time, and their friend Jeff will stop by every once in a while to tell Liz about Top Model. But that is no reason for you, humble reader, to not suggest something for Frank to learn about. So please do email or Twitter!

  1. Larry D'Andrea

    I just found this site and it’s amazing!!!! So funny

  2. Hi Liz, I finished your guide to Voyager and I wanted to say your work is spot on! You focus on the essence of the episode and what the series is trying to do while cutting through the fluff. Very good work and much time saved on my end as a result…thank you!

  3. nishad goliwadekar

    I’m at season 2 of x files. The selection of episodes is absolutely spot on. So finally I felt the urge to explore and really wished to know where the name of the blog came from😂 and viola! Loved it.

  4. Using ur guide for x-files and ur spot on with “Pusher”. That was when I fell in love with the show

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