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Open Thread: What Should Frank Be Told About in 2014?

Time marches on, and so does the telling of Frank what happened in stuff. But what stuff should he be told about? You guys tell me!

I currently have plans to tackle RuPaul’s Drag Race in January; other currently pending suggestions include Ayn Rand’s works and Dragonball Z. But maybe you guys have ideas! Better ideas! So sound off here in the comments or one of our other social media things! And Happy New Year!

Open Thread: What Should Frank Be Told About in 2013?

It’s a new year! And in proud Liz Tells Frank tradition, we thus begin 2013 by asking you gentle souls if there’s anything Frank needs to be told about, FOR SURE, this year.

I can tell you in advance that in the first few months, we will be delving into the wonders of Smash and The Walking Dead and Star Wars: The Courtship of Princess Leia; Frank miiiiiiight even get told about a little show called My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

But what else should be on that list? Sound off in the comments here, or on one of our many social media things!

And please be kind — the Rollerball flashbacks have yet to fade entirely–

Oh, who am I kidding? If I wanted kindness, I wouldn’t have gotten into this business.

Open Thread: What Should Frank Be Told About in 2012?

Oh, what a year we’ve had, friends. We’ve laughed, we cried, we watched more Tyler Perry movies than anyone should ever really watch… It’s been a good time.

But 2012 beckons! And as per tradition, it’s time to ask you guys what horrors of human imagination should be entered into the public record. So respond at will! I’d ask that you be gentle, but I know you won’t.

Open Thread: What Should Frank Be Told About in 2011?

Most of the things Liz has told Frank about this year have been organically generated — that is to say, Frank has actually asked Liz to tell him about them. But there’s already been at least one occasion upon which the media was suggested by a loyal reader, and that’s exactly the sort of behavior we want to encourage going forward.

So, while Liz and Frank cope with their holiday hangovers this week, comment here — or on Tumblr! — to tell them what book, TV show or movie you think Frank (as well as the other gorgeous people who read here) need to know about?

Ridiculous, obscure, classic, retro, beloved, despised: Whatever it is, don’t hold back. Because it can’t possibly be more traumatic than Flowers in the Attic was.

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