Open Thread: What Should Frank Be Told About in 2012?

Oh, what a year we’ve had, friends. We’ve laughed, we cried, we watched more Tyler Perry movies than anyone should ever really watch… It’s been a good time.

But 2012 beckons! And as per tradition, it’s time to ask you guys what horrors of human imagination should be entered into the public record. So respond at will! I’d ask that you be gentle, but I know you won’t.


About Liz Shannon Miller

Liz Shannon Miller, based in Los Angeles, is a writer for the screen and the web, her work including G4's Attack of the Show and the tech blog GigaOM. She also co-hosts the podcast Timey Wimey TV, contributes to the video curation site Here's Some Awesome, and tells her friend Frank about stuff at Liz Tells Frank.

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  1. Seeing last year’s still-unfulfilled request for “Hell Comes to Frogtown,” let me up that ante: The ouvre of Rowdy Roddy Piper. Aside from Hell, there’s also They Live, Immortal Combat, and that one episode of Highlander. Oh, and he also did an episode of the underrated ’90s show “Robocop: The Series,” a show that probably deserves its own entry.


  3. Also, before the Dark Knight Rises comes out, you should dip into that dizzying cesspool that is Batman and Robin. Suffer for your masses.

  4. Is there a master list somewhere so we don’t repeat suggestions?

    OK – it’s a bit late, but here are some thoughts:

    What about old-school classics that we’re all supposed to have seen, but no one really has? As a film major, you’ve probably seen them all already… but for the rest of us (and Frank), we need an education. Like Metropolis, or Dracula (the 1930’s version), It Happened One Night, Duck Soup, King Kong, Godzilla, etc…

    Or maybe one movie from each decade?

    I saw a portion of Troll 2 the other day (against my will)… Oh, Liz. That movie is So Bad. I feel bad for even mentioning it, as I feel it would be cruel and unusual punishment to suggest it… You *hear* of movies being bad, but really, Liz. This is honest-to-goodness the Worst Movie Ever Made. You will probably need to watch it in shifts to keep from gouging out your own eyeballs. My apologies.

    • Liz Shannon Miller

      I like the classics idea! I’m sure Frank has some holes in his education. And I’ve been meaning to do “Deliverance” forever.

      As for “Troll 2,” I was once in a room where that movie was playing, and fell asleep almost immediately thanks to my well-honed survival instincts. Perhaps one day I’ll go back. Perhaps.

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