Open Thread: What Should Frank Be Told About in 2011?

Most of the things Liz has told Frank about this year have been organically generated — that is to say, Frank has actually asked Liz to tell him about them. But there’s already been at least one occasion upon which the media was suggested by a loyal reader, and that’s exactly the sort of behavior we want to encourage going forward.

So, while Liz and Frank cope with their holiday hangovers this week, comment here — or on Tumblr! — to tell them what book, TV show or movie you think Frank (as well as the other gorgeous people who read here) need to know about?

Ridiculous, obscure, classic, retro, beloved, despised: Whatever it is, don’t hold back. Because it can’t possibly be more traumatic than Flowers in the Attic was.

About Liz Shannon Miller

Liz Shannon Miller is a Los Angeles-based writer and editor, and has been talking about television on the Internet since the very beginnings of the Internet. She is currently Senior TV Editor at Collider, and her work has also been published by the New York Times, Vulture, Variety, the AV Club, the Hollywood Reporter, IGN, The Verge, and Thought Catalog. She is also a produced playwright, a host of podcasts, and a repository of "X-Files" trivia.

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  1. Christine Geiger

    I should like to know about Battlefield Earth, I have never seen it.

  2. “The Dark Crystal” is a favorite of mine that people either love or hate, but I know you just did a muppet movie so I understand if you want to branch out. Or you could go ridiculous and do “Megashark vs. Giant Octopus” or “Snakes on a Plane.”

  3. As much as I talk about seventies cinema, I’m really missing some key entries. I’ve never seen “Deliverance.” Or “The Man Who Fell to Earth.”

    In a similar artistic vein, I also missed “Speed 2” and “Batman and Robin” in the nineties.

  4. Wait, am I not supposed to be participating in this open thread?

  5. Christine Geiger

    Hell Comes to Frogtown

  6. I have not seen ‘Battlefield Earth’ or ‘Dark Crystal’. I am ashamed.

  7. hey Liz… how about the Black Hole, the pre-1982-before-Tron Disney sci-fi mess of a movie that those of us born before 1973 remember quite well? The Tron Legacy guy will be remaking that movie, so an examination of its robot-on-robot violence and extremely poor acting would be fun for Frank and for all of us.

  8. The favorites of the “Snark Nights” I would have (with Bronwyn) were

    a) Critical Mass with Lori Laughlin and Treat Williams…and that dude who plays Hodgens on Bones in a small role. Oh, and stolen footage from T2. And the bad guy who has an accent that we could only describe as “deaf person.”

    b) Invisible Child. Mrs. Tom Hanks is married to Victor Garber. Mae Whitman is one child. The boy from The Ring is the other. The third child is only in the mind of Mrs. Tom Hanks, and they all pretend to see her, too! Enter British Nanny into situation…

    c) The Apple, a disco rock musical set in the futuristic world of 1994 about the evils of disco rock…where the deus ex machina ending has a car from the sky as the machine.

  9. Oh – and “Strange Days” is one I’ve been meaning to see but haven’t got around to yet… OH! And if you REALLY want to give your brain a workout, try summarizing one of Miyazaki’s films… I’ve seen a few and STILL can’t tell you what they are about. They get so much attention/hype and the English voice actors are HUGE (like Christian Bale and Lauren Bacall and Tina Fey and Matt Damon and Liam Neeson, etc.), and yet I don’t *quite* get why. The films are visually captivating, yet, but very odd. When you ask most people who have seen his films what they thought of a particular one, they will say “Well… it was *interesting*!” Try it. I bet you that’s the response you’ll get.

    • I LOVE STRANGE DAYS. It’s a thing.

      Actually, I think Frank is one of those people who loves Miyazaki, an auteur who also baffles me. So perhaps the solution is to have Frank tell me about something, for once. 🙂

  10. May I humbly suggest Beyond the Valley of the Dolls? It’s awful and amazing and was co-written by Roger Ebert, who is incredible in all ways possible.

    Also, Coffy, because you can’t go wrong with Pam Grier, a milk fight and razor blades in a wig.

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