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  1. Exactly right. Star Trek was a vision of a future that I personally would love to live in. Bad stuff happens, sure, but Humans manage to cope with those bad things. And they make friends with people even stranger than someone from another part of the Earth. I mean, if you can be friends with a Vulcan, you can certainly find common ground with someone from Japan.

    And they put a black woman in a position of authority on the freaking bridge at a time with being female or black, much less both, meant you couldn’t be anywhere near a military vessel. A glimpse at a future anyone could appreciate.

  2. Love this so much, Liz. And the Warf “We do not discuss it” is my favorite line of DS9 ever. I’m having flashbacks over how much I laughed when that episode aired right now.

  3. Worf! Stupid auto correct! Someone needs to make an autocorrect with built in Star Trek mode, stat.

  4. “We do not discuss it” is my 2nd favorite Worf quote. My 1st favorite is “I am NOT a merry man!!!” in that STNG episode where Q sends them to the Robin Hood planet.
    And my favorite scene is when Worf smashes Giordi’s guitar and then says, “sorry,” which if I’m not mistaken is an homage to the similar scene in Animal House when John Belushi smashes the guy’s guitar when he’s playing the “I gave my love a cherry that had no bone” song.

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