Very Exciting “America’s Next Top Model”-Related News!

Dear everyone,

If you know me at all, you know that I’ve never looked down my nose at (most) reality television. But one of those shows I’ve never had much time to watch is America’s Next Top Model — which I hear is a shame, because each episode is full of drama, squealing, makeovers and LOLs.

So beginning this week with the premiere of ANTM: All Stars, Liz Tells Frank welcomes special correspondent Jeff Stone, who will be telling me (and all the rest of us) what happens in each new episode. Say hi to Jeff, everyone!

Jeff says hi back!

Jeff is an extremely funny writer and cartoonist who is also a huge fan of Top Model going back… Oh, man, I think he’s seen all the seasons. Not to hype it up too much, but I think this’ll be pretty good. So please check in later this week (maybe even tomorrow!) for the first installment, and in the meantime practice smiling with your eyes! (Like Tyra would want.)


About Liz Shannon Miller

Liz Shannon Miller is a Los Angeles-based writer and editor, and has been talking about television on the Internet since the very beginnings of the Internet. She is currently Senior TV Editor at Collider, and her work has also been published by the New York Times, Vulture, Variety, the AV Club, the Hollywood Reporter, IGN, The Verge, and Thought Catalog. She is also a produced playwright, a host of podcasts, and a repository of "X-Files" trivia.

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  1. I hope Jeff incorporates our new word!

  2. I would like to say thanks to Jeff for this special correspondence on a true gem of a reality show, and for the fact that he is wearing a Lost Moon Radio t-shirt in that photo. Bravo!

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