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Liz Tells Frank What Happened In Some Stupid Katherine Heigl Movie

Dear Frank,

I’m super sick. This is how you know I am super sick — I just watched a movie starring this bitch, from beginning to end.


It was pretty bad. I mean, there were a bunch of really great character actors being wasted in side roles. And there were a couple of decent bits of dialogue.

But the movie basically consisted of Katherine Heigl being the perfect woman except slightly uptight, which means that she clashed with the super-cute but totally irresponsible guy with whom she was thrown into an impossible-to-believe situation.

But don’t worry — despite there being a much more suitable guy around, she ended up with the irresponsible manly guy who taught her how to loosen up. Because OPPOSITES ATTRACT, FRANK, AND LOVE BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE WHO ARE DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT IS THE MOST NATURAL AND POSSIBLE THING.

Oh, and she sat in bubble baths a bunch. Whatever. Bitch.

Don’t worry, Frank. I’m watching old Mad Men episodes now, and thus I am feeling much better.


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