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Update: GET YOUR TICKETS For ‘Smash’ Live!

Dear Frank,


We have the technology. We have the bootlegs. We have some time on our hands. And we have very little interest in going outside during a pandemic. So see you Saturday, July 11th July 18th at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT! Tickets now available!

This is technically a free event, but we’re using this as an opportunity to raise money for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, so any money you donate as part of your ticket price will go to support them. (Again, pay whatever amount you like — every dollar donated provides enough food for four meals to feed hungry children, seniors and families.)

So get ready to learn about Smash, Frank. Get ready to decide one of life’s most important questions: #TeamIvy or #TeamKaren?


Liz Tells Frank What Happened In “Smash” Season 1

Dear Frank,

Smash Season 1Here is a list of things I really enjoy:

  • Broadway musicals.
  • Jack Davenport.
  • Shows where people throw martinis in other people’s faces.
  • Marilyn Monroe, in all her complexity.
  • Jack Davenport being super-snarky-smug-sexy.
  • Young women being assertive and going after their dreams.
  • Older women being total badasses.
  • Dance numbers.

Frank, there are few shows on Earth I have wanted to like more than NBC’s Smash, which technically includes all those things. And yet by the end of the first season, it had evolved into one of today’s best hate-watching experiences.

However, hate-watching is fun when the show starts bad and doesn’t get any better. (Sorry, Millionaire Matchmaker wait I don’t really mean that.) Hate-watching something you had high hopes for? Always a bit heart-breaking. Read the rest of this entry

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