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Coming May 1: ‘Tenet’ LIVE!

Hey friends! It’s been way too long since Liz sat down with her friend Frank and told him what happened in something while other people watched, and on Saturday, May 1, 2021, we’re gonna fix that!

Rather than in a lovely gym in North Hollywood, though, this time Liz, Frank, producer David Nett and some special guests will be using this thing called the internet to talk about a little film called Tenet — live! Can Liz succinctly explain the plot of Christopher Nolan’s latest masterpiece? Will Frank find it hard to remember the name of the film’s protagonist? Will we somehow invert time at some point and find ourselves doing the whole thing again backwards? Will there be a Quibi joke? (Spoiler alert: There will definitely be a Quibi joke.)

We’ll be streaming live on YouTube, and tickets will be free — we simply ask that you acquire your ticket in advance on Eventbrite so that we a) know how many people will be watching and b) can send you the stream link when we’re ready to go live! This pandemic has been, everyone can agree, a very bad thing, but a growing sophistication when it comes to live audience events in the digital space is one of the notable upsides.

Liz and Frank haven’t seen each other in person in over a year. They miss each other. They also miss you. So hopefully we’ll see you May 1 at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST for some laughs and some deeply nerd discussion of 2020’s 12th highest grossing film at the box office. Get your tickets now! (Seriously, do it. There might be something special in it for you if you’re one of the first to sign up!)

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