Reader Comment: “It’s all about who can blow up the most vehicles.”

From John on Facebook, regarding today’s G.I. Joe post:

Liz, Duke’s near death is important because it’s the first time in GI Joe cartoon history where someone almost dies. No one ever gets killed, they just get their gun shot out of their hand or their vehicle blown up right after they eject. It’s all about who can blow up the most vehicles.

Thank you, John! Also, GO JOE!


About Liz Shannon Miller

Liz Shannon Miller, based in Los Angeles, is a writer for the screen and the web, her work including G4's Attack of the Show and the tech blog GigaOM. She also co-hosts the podcast Timey Wimey TV, contributes to the video curation site Here's Some Awesome, and tells her friend Frank about stuff at Liz Tells Frank.

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  1. Ugh…it’s YO Joe! You fail, Liz. Although I’m sure you’re okay with that.

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