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Reader Comment: “It’s all about who can blow up the most vehicles.”

From John on Facebook, regarding today’s G.I. Joe post:

Liz, Duke’s near death is important because it’s the first time in GI Joe cartoon history where someone almost dies. No one ever gets killed, they just get their gun shot out of their hand or their vehicle blown up right after they eject. It’s all about who can blow up the most vehicles.

Thank you, John! Also, GO JOE!

Liz Tells Frank What Happened In the 1987 “G.I. Joe” Movie

Dear Frank,

About two years ago, just as casting was heating up for Stephen Sommers’ take on the 1980s boyhood favorite G.I. Joe, I had the sudden realization that I knew absolutely nothing about it. I mean, I got that they were some sort of military group and they fought against a non-geographically-specific enemy called Cobra, but um, WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT NO ONE’S NAME IS JOE? (I had other questions, but that was a big one.)

This gap in my pop culture knowledge has always disturbed me, especially since, when I tried to watch the Sommers movie, I was too embarrassed for everyone involved to last more than fifteen minutes. So when faithful reader Sarah asked if you needed to be told about the original G.I. Joe movie, dating from 1987, I leapt at the chance to improve the education of both of us. Read the rest of this entry

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